Series 9 TV

Ø  The Walking Dead TV Series 9 is adapted from AMC’s mega hit TV show!
Ø  All-NEW Constable Michonne figure features her in the full constable uniform and includes her iconic katana with sheath and pistol
Ø  Debut Beth Greene figure features her in the outfit worn at the end of Season 4 and includes an assault rifle and knife
Ø  Debut T-Dog heroic figure features him ready for battle in his removable Riot Gear Vest and includes a pistol, fire poker and industrial bolt cutters
Ø  Debut  Water Walker figure features melting flesh and includes a food can and glass jar debris
Ø  Updated Grave Digger Daryl Dixon (dirt version) figure features him covered in dirt wearing his gloves & bandana and includes a wooden cross/grave marker and shovel

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